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The Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Model: A Powerful Tool for Education

The U.S. is currently facing a dropout crisis. According to Grad Nation research (a dropout convention campaign launched by President Obama) the national high school graduation rate is 75%, meaning that one out of every four students drops out before … Continue reading

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Fascinating Endeavor

During the last 10 years, Peru has accomplished great progress in the development arena. As a World Bank’s overview highlights, high growth rates, low inflation, macroeconomic stability, reduction of external debt and poverty, and important advances in social and development … Continue reading

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Financial Services, Technology and Social Programs

Access to financial intermediation offers people the possibility to obtain fundamental financial services as savings accounts, microcredits and life insurance. In Mexico, access to financial services provided by commercial and state-owned banks is considered limited for regional standards (CEPAL).  Geographically … Continue reading

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Colombia, Nicaragua and the San Andres Archipelago

Last Monday, November 19th of 2012 the International Court of Justice ruled on a territorial dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua, which dates back to 1928 when an international agreement declared the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia part of Colombian … Continue reading

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Microcredit Initiative in Argentina

Microcredit is an important tool for reaching the poor, traditionally excluded from financial markets, contributing to the development of entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.  Whenever we think of modern microcredit, it is impossible not to remember the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh with … Continue reading

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Transparency and democratic accountability in Brazil

Corruption and lack of transparency are commonly pointed out as two prevailing challenges for those interested in exploring opportunities offered in Latin America. In that sense, the Corruption Perception Index calculated annually by Transparency International is quite revealing.

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CLASS…the Beginning

On Friday, August 31st Cornell graduate students from different countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and the U.S. met to discuss their interests and goals at Mann Library. Each student had an impressive background with experience in … Continue reading

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