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PDVSA and Venezuela’s Economic Regime

Venezuela’s presidential and regional elections gave President Hugo Chavez and his Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV) victory. Although everyone is fascinated by the political situation in the country and what could happen given the President’s fragile health, a crucial … Continue reading

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Ecuador Fifth Power: The Transparency and Social Control Branch

Following 1999 Venezuelan Constitution, Ecuador created two other branches of government in addition to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches: (1) the electoral branch and (2) the transparency and social control branch. This last branch is in charge of fostering … Continue reading

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Compartamos con Colombia: An innovative and collaborative approach to social development

Colombia presents a challenging socio-economic framework, with approximately one third of its population living under the poverty line and inequality indexes reflecting the worst income distribution in Latin America. As a result, nonprofit organizations have become increasingly relevant in the … Continue reading

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South America Integration: Practical Initiative

The social and economic integration of South America has been marked by the inception of different trade blocs. Among them, the Comunidad Andina (ANCOM), created in 1969, seeks to establish a common market between Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Another … Continue reading

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Brazilian struggle for high quality education

Education is one of the main challenges of Brazilian government, as the historical results of the PISA test demonstrate. In the last results (2009), Brazil ranked 52nd out of 65 countries in reading and science and 56th in mathematics.

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Bolsa Família and Oportunidades: Powerful Tools for Poverty Alleviation in Latin America

Bolsa Família and Oportunidades are conditional cash transfer programs that were launched in Brazil and Mexico respectively. In 2012, Oportunidades assisted 6.5 million families and Bolsa Família assisted over 13 million families. Both of these government programs provide grants to … Continue reading

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Management Information Systems for Social Programs in Latin America

Latin America is a pioneer in the use of technology for the administration of social programs. The strongest accomplishment has been to develop robust  Management Information Systems (MIS) to plan, execute, follow up, and evaluate Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT).

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Venezuela’s Political Uncertainty

Venezuela’s political future returns to instability as President Hugo Chavez recovers from a difficult and complex cancer operation in Cuba. His fragile health, combined with the naming of Foreign Minister and Vice President Nicolas Maduro as his successor has added … Continue reading

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CLASS meets the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County

On Saturday, December 8th Barbara Marchiori de Assis, CLASS President and Benjamin Garcia, CLASS Vice President met with leaders from the Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County (LCA). This meeting served to introduce both organizations, and to discuss mutually beneficial … Continue reading

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THE END to five decades of internal armed conflict?

Colombia has been immersed in a deeply rooted internal armed conflict for over 5 decades now. This week the peace talks between the national government and the insurgent groups (FARC) reactivated in Cuba. This country was chosen as a guarantor … Continue reading

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