World Cup, Olympic Games, and Work Conditions in Brazil

It is widely known that within the next four years Brazil will be hosting the two largest international sporting events: the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. To host such events will provide many opportunities, but also challenges for Brazil.

Although it is still difficult to know precisely what both events will represent in terms of public and private investments, it is clear that they will have important economic impacts for the country, and mainly for the hosting cities, before, during, and after the events.

In terms of the labor market, although the most obvious impacts are those related to the construction of the new stadiums and infrastructure projects, several other sectors will experience dramatic changes related to the events: hospitality, commerce, service and even the informal sectors of the economy.

Keeping this in mind, in 2011 Bulding and Wood Worker’s International together with Play Fair  launched the “Campaign for Decent Work – towards and beyond 2014”.

The objective of this campaign is to ensure that the International Labor Organization’s  (ILO) deliberations that relate to work conditions are observed by all parties involved in both events.

In the campaign’s website you can find more information on the challenges faced so far, along with results obtained.



About Paulo Marzionna

CLASS Secretary - MS/PhD Candidate at Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations
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