Science without borders – Brazilian investment in higher education

Brazilian government is currently investing a significant amount in scholarships for Brazilian students interested in studying in foreign countries, through the program “Ciência sem fronteiras” (Science without borders).

Brazilian Government created the program in  December 2011 aiming at (1) an increase in the number of Brazilian PhDs in relation to the whole population, (2) the enhancement of the interaction between academia, business sector and civil society, (3) the promotion of international collaborations in scientific publications, and (4) a raise in the rate of patent applications nationally and internationally.

The goals of the program are to increase Brazilian researchers and students presence in the best ranked international universities, promote the creation of partnerships between Brazilian and foreign education institutions and to attract young research and academic talents to Brazil.

The goals shall be achieved through the concession of 101,000 scholarships between 2012 and 2015, being 75,000 scholarships funded by Brazilian government and the rest by the private sector.

The areas covered by the program are basically those related to technology, health, biology, environment and engineering.

More information is available on the program’s website (partially available in English).ciencias


About Paulo Marzionna

CLASS Secretary - MS/PhD Candidate at Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations
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