The Dichotomy between Hispanic groups in the United States: What does the future look like?

Two articles, written within a day of each other speak to the idea that Hispanics in the United States are a driving force of the population and its economy. Yet, these articles pose two very different stories: one the one hand, Hispanics in the U.S. are doing extremely well, and in fact are contributing to the U.S. economy vis a vis their spending habits; on the other hand, Hispanics in the U.S. are living in poverty in a way that is cyclical (what sociologists used to term a “cycle of poverty.”) How can two articles pose such different stories regarding the state of the Hispanic population in the United States?

According to a Fox News Latino article, Hispanics in this country are working very low paying jobs, living in poverty, and will eventually outnumber whites in the U.S. and become a majority of the population. The Huffington Post reports, however, that there is an up-and-coming group of Hispanics in this country who are doing quite well, earning salaries on par with some of the wealthiest of the middle-upper middle-class.

The dichotomy between rich and poor Hispanics is not unlike that between rich and poor whites, or rich and poor blacks; it is just a newer phenomenon. But if, as Fox News Latino reports, many Hispanics are behind the U.S. job growth (through labor), but are stuck in poverty, in juxtaposition to the wealthy class of Hispanics that is burgeoning, implications arise as to what our country can do to ensure that the Hispanic population of this country is guaranteed equitable living conditions.

To read more, please see the Fox News Latino article, and the Huffington Post article.

About mja252

My name is Michael Austerlitz, a current second year Fellow at Cornell University's Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. My concentration is social policy, and more specifically, education policy. My affiliation with CLASS comes through my love of Latin American history, specifically Mexican history. I'll be blogging about issues related to Latinos and Hispanics in the United States regarding issues such as immigration and education. I love playing guitar, video games, living in NYC in hot summers, and moderately long walks on the beach.
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