About the Blog

The objective of the CLASS Blog is to present the “real” Latin America to the Cornell community, with all of its current affairs, challenges and growing opportunities.

Latin America is not a homogeneous region made up of “developing” countries. Far from that, Latin America is a complex group of countries with as many differences as similarities.

Largely known for its social complexities and cultural richness, Latin America is also a strong source of diverse efforts and initiatives that contribute to fairness and equality in the region.

The intention of each post is to present a glimpse of leading initiatives within Latin American countries that are executed by associations, NGOs, governments, universities, individuals and civil society as a whole. News on opportunities offered in the region and success stories will also be covered in the blog. In addition, we will also turn our attention to initiatives led by organizations that focus on Latinos or Hispanics in the US.

Finally, we will also provide updates on CLASS projects and events.

We hope that you enjoy the CLASS blog!

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