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CLASS Co-founder and former President (2012-2013 term). Master of Public Administration Candidate at Cornell University

Protests in Brazil

Although it is impossible to foresee which will be the end of the street movements started in Brazil at the beginning of the month, it is undeniable that the protests have become one of the biggest street demonstrations since Brazilians … Continue reading

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Ecuador Fifth Power: The Transparency and Social Control Branch

Following 1999 Venezuelan Constitution, Ecuador created two other branches of government in addition to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches: (1) the electoral branch and (2) the transparency and social control branch. This last branch is in charge of fostering … Continue reading

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Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Resources in Chile

Chile has recently taken an important step towards the increase of its capacity of non-conventional renewable energy resources (Energias Renovables No Convencionales – ENRC): the Environmental Commission of Coquimbo has approved the Environmental Impact Statement of the Punta Sierra project, the … Continue reading

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Microcredit Initiative in Argentina

Microcredit is an important tool for reaching the poor, traditionally excluded from financial markets, contributing to the development of entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.  Whenever we think of modern microcredit, it is impossible not to remember the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh with … Continue reading

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