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Foreign doctors: the solution for Brazil’s health system?

When millions of Brazilians took to the streets during the protests this past June, one of the most common demands was the desire to have an adequate public health care system, with doctors, clinics and hospitals that would follow the … Continue reading

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A Brighter Future for Domestic Workers in Brazil

For some time Brazilian domestic workers have been treated by the law as ‘second class’ worker, with less guaranteed rights than other employees. Although the 1988 Brazilian Constitution originally guaranteed several rights for all urban and rural employees, such as … Continue reading

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Brazil 2014 – The Presidential Campaign

2014 is an important year for Brazil. Not only because the country will be hosting the FIFA World Cup, but mainly because during the second semester Brazilians will elect their new President, or reelect President Dilma Rousseff. Although there are … Continue reading

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Two Events Co-hosted by CLASS

Join us on Today, February 28th at Kaufman Auditorium from 4:45PM – 6:00PM for a lecture presented by Antanas Mockus on Civic Culture and Social Transformation. Antanas Mockus was elected Mayor of Bogotá in 1995 and again in 2001. His … Continue reading

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Science without borders – Brazilian investment in higher education

Brazilian government is currently investing a significant amount in scholarships for Brazilian students interested in studying in foreign countries, through the program “Ciência sem fronteiras” (Science without borders). Brazilian Government created the program in  December 2011 aiming at (1) an … Continue reading

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Brazilian struggle for high quality education

Education is one of the main challenges of Brazilian government, as the historical results of the PISA test demonstrate. In the last results (2009), Brazil ranked 52nd out of 65 countries in reading and science and 56th in mathematics.

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World Cup, Olympic Games, and Work Conditions in Brazil

It is widely known that within the next four years Brazil will be hosting the two largest international sporting events: the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. To host such events … Continue reading

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Transparency and democratic accountability in Brazil

Corruption and lack of transparency are commonly pointed out as two prevailing challenges for those interested in exploring opportunities offered in Latin America. In that sense, the Corruption Perception Index calculated annually by Transparency International is quite revealing.

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