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America’s Youth and Immigration Reform

ColorLines is a great news outlet for issues regarding human rights, racial issues, and other pressing matters that major news outlets tend to neglect or gloss over. This is not a plug for the site/magazine, but rather justification for why I … Continue reading

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The Dichotomy between Hispanic groups in the United States: What does the future look like?

Two articles, written within a day of each other speak to the idea that Hispanics in the United States are a driving force of the population and its economy. Yet, these articles pose two very different stories: one the one … Continue reading

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Hispanic Students and Higher Education: Meeting the needs of the future

In a report entitled Rising to the Challenge: Hispanic College Graduation Rates as a National Priority, the authors look at how Hispanic students in the United States are attending college, but that a pressing concern is the the retention rate of … Continue reading

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The Dream Act: An Opportunity for Young Latinos in the U.S. to Pursue Legal Status and Further Education

One of the hottest topics in U.S. politics today is immigration. The question of whether illegal immigrants should be offered legal status has been one of controversy since its inception. This has caused many challenges for undocumented young people that … Continue reading

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Bolsa Família and Oportunidades: Powerful Tools for Poverty Alleviation in Latin America

Bolsa Família and Oportunidades are conditional cash transfer programs that were launched in Brazil and Mexico respectively. In 2012, Oportunidades assisted 6.5 million families and Bolsa Família assisted over 13 million families. Both of these government programs provide grants to … Continue reading

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The Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Model: A Powerful Tool for Education

The U.S. is currently facing a dropout crisis. According to Grad Nation research (a dropout convention campaign launched by President Obama) the national high school graduation rate is 75%, meaning that one out of every four students drops out before … Continue reading

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