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Bolsa Família and Oportunidades: Powerful Tools for Poverty Alleviation in Latin America

Bolsa Família and Oportunidades are conditional cash transfer programs that were launched in Brazil and Mexico respectively. In 2012, Oportunidades assisted 6.5 million families and Bolsa Família assisted over 13 million families. Both of these government programs provide grants to … Continue reading

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Management Information Systems for Social Programs in Latin America

Latin America is a pioneer in the use of technology for the administration of social programs. The strongest accomplishment has been to develop robust  Management Information Systems (MIS) to plan, execute, follow up, and evaluate Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT).

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Financial Services, Technology and Social Programs

Access to financial intermediation offers people the possibility to obtain fundamental financial services as savings accounts, microcredits and life insurance. In Mexico, access to financial services provided by commercial and state-owned banks is considered limited for regional standards (CEPAL).  Geographically … Continue reading

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