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A Closer Look at Venezuela’s Economy and Crime

On May 31, the Venezuelan Central Bank announced that Venezuela’s economy grew by .07 percent in the first quarter of the year. This news illustrates the grim economic reality of the country, an enormous challenge for President Nicolas Maduro. The … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Legitimacy Crisis and Latin America’s Response

On May 29, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos met with Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles in Bogota. The meeting came as Capriles begins a Latin American tour to make his case that last April’s presidential election was fraudulent. This was … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Political Paralysis

Since the April 14th presidential elections, Venezuela has been in a state of political paralysis not seen since 2002-2003.  The narrow victory by President Nicolas Maduro over Henrique Capriles has led to extreme polarization – Capriles has challenged the election … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Political Uncertainty

Venezuela’s political future returns to instability as President Hugo Chavez recovers from a difficult and complex cancer operation in Cuba. His fragile health, combined with the naming of Foreign Minister and Vice President Nicolas Maduro as his successor has added … Continue reading

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